Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...ok, it was supposed to be wordless....

Ok, not so wordless....My husband is the real gardener, I help him water :) But when he read an article about planting veggies right out of a bag of soil, I was a bit leary...mostly b/c of how unsightly I thought it would be...

But it is working beautifully and you can barely see the plastic bag! We are getting a lot of cucumbers and I love how they grow up my porch :)

We get little to no sun in our back yard so my husband removed shrubs from the small front yard (I do not like shrubs!) and turned it into our veggie garden!

There are a ton of cherry and grape tomatoes growing and teasing us by s-l-o-w-l-y turning ripe for us to eat!

Here is a photo from last month. It is funny b/c we live on a street where every house is kinda on the perfect side...perfectly edged and weedless lawns (chemicals!), perfectly trimmed hedges and shrubs, weeded flower plots, etc, and then there is our house :) We like the motto of "eat your yard", some urban, ok, suburban gardening. We like "weeds" and prefer to call them by their real names! Most weeds are wild edibles that we eat!

It's nice though b/c most neighbors complimented us on how it looks nice :) Even there there is sooo much that needs to be to the outside of the house and yard....don;t even get me started....oh my, and then there are the inside projects...


  1. I love veggies in the front - I can practically smell the tomatos from here!


  2. Here's an idea book called Eat Your Yard!,
    It's fun to see another family having kids ages 6,4 and zero. I did that and we had a lot of laughs in the garden, especially with grapes.
    Nan Chase, Asheville NC

  3. Love that book :) Thanks! It's nice to send my son out to pick a cucumber and cherry tomatoes for lunch! Anne, I love when my husband and kids smell like the tomato plants!

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