Sunday, July 11, 2010

52 weeks of me and my children #6

Here is week #1, #2, #2.5 , #3, #4and #5.

Silas has discovered two things this week, his tongue and the ability to stick it out, well as far as he can because he is tongue tied, and he also discovered his reflection. He is just giddy over both of these things :)

And this would be my I just scrubbed a toilet look...btw, do boys pee with their eyes shut?) Since the haircut I have to rock a headband during the day around the house, the hair in my eyes can slowly drive me mad. I also found hair in my eyes during a photo session is not so cool either.

But Silas was being his sweet self and I had to grab the camera. I combed his hair up after his bath and it stayed like this all day!

SO...I have not been in the blogging mood, much like tang-soo-do, clarinet, tai-chi and knitting, it will probably be yet another thing I will not stick with :) I will at least do this 52 week project, but I am realizing it's not easy with my older two boys! They are hard to get to sneal a picture with! Silas is an easy target.

I also think it is because I have been so busy, playing outside mostly with my kiddos. Hanging out at the playground, new free sprinkler parks, playing in the woods etc...and I have worked a lot these last few weeks and I am waaay behind on editing photo sessions...this is causing me some stress...anyway I am sure when the cooler weather comes I will be blogging just fell back on my list of priorities.
I think most people tend to be on the computer less in the summer months...


  1. super cute pic, hope you keep blogging because i always love popping by, beautiful photos of a beautiful family:)

  2. thats such an adorable pic!!

  3. oh how cute is that photo!
    blog wihtout obligation. and cooler weather helps too.

  4. *heart* His hair is too awesome. :)


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