Sunday, June 6, 2010

52 weeks of me and my children #1

(naked as usual as we are EC'ing )

(through the doorway, I used the self timer. me and my sweet peanut, this time after Daddy diapered him)

I have seen a few blog posts recently about getting your beautiful self in front of the camera. I know it can not just be a photographer thing, where you rarely get on 'that side'. It is a Mom thing too, where you tend to take all the photos of the kids, and the kids and their Dad, and you are hardly in any of them!! When they are adults they will wonder, "Did Mom actually ever come to the zoo", or "Was mom at this beach vacation", or "Was she even there the day I graduated?"

I am making an effort to take a photo a week of my children and me. Not always with all three at once, but at least with one of my boys. And I will also use the ones my older boys take of me with one of their brothers or any I ask my husband to take. (Note to self, give Matt that quick 'how to use the Canon' lesson...)

I have attempted the 52 weeks self portrait project on flickr four times, but never made it close to the was and is still not easy for me to get in front of the camera. I got much better with it when I was pregnant because I LOVED being pregnant and felt more beautiful. Now when I take a photo I see the belly flab, the giant arms, the pasty un-toned legs...I see that I am not 18 anymore and that I am starting to feel my age...32. I think it will be motivation to keep up the power walks and the games of tennis :)

I will post them here on my blog once a week and I will also be adding them to this Flickr group and/or this 52 weeks of bam group! (someone just blogged about this group and I cannot remember who... I will have to find out)

I encourage you to do the same! Also, share your link to the comments below if you add it to your blog page!


  1. Your gorgeous Mary Beth, what a beautiful challenge.

  2. This is great!! I am definitely going to start doing this because I am always sad when I notice how few pictures I have of Noah and I.

    This is beautiful btw!

  3. I think that too, will my kids have any pictures with me in it. I always have to tell my husband to take a picture of my. It feels cheesy, but I know I want some pics with me in it. Self timers are great too.


  4. what a great project...I too have very few pictures with my child.


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