Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Update on The Great {Material} Cleanse!

I have been working or should I say sweating my buns off all day purging the house of 'stuff'! (I could not bring myself to turn the AC on yet...)

Someone, forgive me I cannot remember who, coincidentally blogged this video yesterday :)

I started with the boys room and went from three full toy boxes to just one. And craigs-listed the other two toy boxes. I have a pile of trash and a pile to donate.

I went through their books and even though I took half of them away there is still a whole book shelf full. There are so many I could not part with....yet.

I emptied two media cabinets full of VHS tapes to donate and C-listed the shelves as well (they sold already, along with an extra twin size bed frame and one toy box :)

And I am donating half of the puzzles and games and pulled a good bit of clothes from their drawers.

I also de-cluttered the living room of a plant stand, a stack of 10 full photo albums and other piles of clutter and cleaned out my desk.

Thanks to a happy and sleepy baby and a kiddy pool for the boys I got two rooms done!

I enjoy getting rid of things way too much, but it is such a great feeling to part with our possessions....now to just keep the boys away from the piles :)

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