Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Truthful Tuesdays

I like this idea :)
I am borrowing it from Little Acorn Learning's Blog.

"I challenge you to take one day a week to get real and let the perfectionism go. A photo - a confession - a truth... the not-so-perfect of your life."

"Truthful Tuesdays: a new weekly challenge. One that reflects the realness and truth of the lives we live. There are so many beautiful and inspirational blogs out there reflecting all of our beautiful moments... But there are other moments too. The moments we are all less likely to take photos of. The baby that just won't stop screaming... the messy house ... the dishes overflowing... the way too many to-do's on our lists.... the fight with our spouse... and much bigger truths that we all deal with. Just one day a week I ask you to share a Truth... a photo - a confession - ... the not-so-perfect of your life."

So here goes...

My refrigerator is my dirty secret of the week. Hey, I am starting off small here...So maybe you cannot tell from this photo, but it really, really, really needs scrubbed down, inside and out.

I can blame my mom, who used to scrub hers twice a week with bleach...it kinda made me never want to clean mine...and boy oh boy does it need it. I use the excuse that we need to get a new fridge, but I have been using that excuse for far too long. I use that excuse for my whole kitchen, we have been planning to remodel it for years...

Currently it is packed full of veggies and I am not a fan of side-by-side doors, there is never enough room...and then my husband brought home a case of Synergy Kombucha to clog it up even more...

I shared my lovely mess before...


  1. ok...so maybe my fridge isn't that bad :), but oh how I have spots like this in my house!!! I used to use the excuse of getting a new kitchen before it can be clutter free. Well, now I have my new kitchen, and it still gets cluttered! Ugh...i think clutter is just my lot in life :)

  2. I love my side to side- Makes everything easier to organize- I think if you move your shelves around it might help with space.

    Good luck- You can do it-

    I might have to take a picture of my laundry room but really I should just get started!

    Great inspiration- thanks for sharing.

  3. Yes, I think I need to run and give our fridge a scrub down. I have the same feeling about side to side. Our current house we rent has a side to side and it just doesn't fit things as easily as our old over/under fridge. I recently cleaned ours, but only because something spilled in there. :-)

  4. Love this idea, your honesty and your photo. Oh my, there are a few places I need to be more honest about. You've inspired me :)


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