Sunday, June 13, 2010

Conjunctivitis!? Seriously!? Glad I am lactating.

Crap. It seems my Max has pink eye. I assumed it was pink eye and googled the symptoms and this seems to be what it is. My 1st thoughts were, how can I treat this naturally? We rarely go to the DR., and we choose to treat illness natually with herbs, etc. rather than calling the Dr immediately or picking up an OTC drug.
Now, I know breast milk is medicinal, I have used my milk in the past for my boys when they each had ear infections or diaper rash. However, this factoid managed to have escaped my mind momentarily when I googled 'conjunctivitis natural treatment'. Then the light went on and I said out loud, "I knew that!"! The first three sites I pulled up all mentioned breast milk as the best remedy for bacterial conjunctivitis, which I am pretty sure Max has.

So I expressed some in a baby food jar and used a dropper and decided to not tell Max it was bm. Max freaked out at the thought of drops in his eyes. I had to have Matt come and help, we calmed him down and he agreed to one drop. When I squeezed the dropper he screamed like I put acid in his eye...which was kind of funny because it actually landed on his cheek. So then Matt and I demonstrated by putting a drop of my milk in our eyes and then he let me. He agreed to a drop every hour or so and in exchange that he got to have a Phineus and Ferb marathon. I agreed if he would also hold a chamomille tea bag on his eye too.
Now, it's 2:03 am and I am still awake! (been busy transferring 7,000 photos to my external hard drive) I have been putting drops in his eyes every hour and now mine are itchy! Crap! Hoping it is tired eyes and not pink eye for me too!

Anyways.. I was going to go into the medicinal powers of breast milk, but I need to go to bed!


  1. I always tell people that breast milk is the best cure for pink eye (My Mom used to use it on us) and they look at me like I'm nuts.

  2. I blogged about treating Baby Eczema in this way.
    I hadn't gotten to treating pink eye in the same fashion. I've heard it works as too.

  3. Wow! I knew that the healing powers of breastmilk are undisputed, but I never heard of it as a cure for pinkeye. Thanks for posting!


  4. And to update his pinkeye was gone the next day, and I continued the drops. Turns out a boy I was babysitting had it, he got RX drops and his eyes were still bad after 3 days....his mom thought I was nuts when I sd we did not go to the Dr, and then could not believe what I was using, most people are kinda freaked out...i was proud


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