Saturday, June 12, 2010

Gone Fishin' and a trip to the Farmers Market

What to do on a hot day and your kids are sick and you don't want them running around or playing in the pool or watching videos all day? Well yesterday we created a new game. Which was exciting to them mostly because they would love to go fishing...however Matt and I do not fish.

I cut out fish, eels, alligators, crabs etc. out of cheapo felt and we went on a calm walk in the park in our neighborhood searching for the perfect "rods". I sewed some velcro to washers and tied them to the string on the stick. Hours of fun...I should add that this then turned to fighting, tangled lines or a stick hanging from the ceiling fan... :)

I also cut out some boots and tires to learn about pollution...they didn't get the felt puddle of oil, but now they are educated on the greatest ecological disaster ever.

And then today everyone was feeling better so we took a trip to the farmers market...Mommy needed to get out of the house....and an iced coffee was in order, whew was it humid today!

The cauliflower, broccoli, strawberries (think I got enough?) and a-spar-a-gus (which I can only say to the tune of that song A-QUAR-I-US!) are all local! Eat local! Eat Fresh!

At the market I attempted to talk to the kids about supporting locally grown produce and lightly educated them on where other produce comes from, like the peaches and apricots Max chose. I explained how it is transported here and the energy used to do so. I want them to understand this process. (amusingly enough I educated a couple next to us who assumed it was all local...)
After reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle I have become even more aware of things like this.
Max wanted to come home and see on the map where GA and CA were, to see where his fruit came from.

Sam picked out peanuts for Tango the squirrel, who went missing for 3 weeks when they cut down his house, but he's baaa-aaack! Tango likes to get into my house and will eat nuts right out of my hands. Maybe I should not feed him pecans, brazil nuts, walnuts...


  1. so Tango gets into your house and only eats nuts? wow! that's a pretty tame squirrel. that would be fun to see! and I am going to use the fishing it!

  2. lol, well he has never had the chance to select other things from the kitchen :) The times he has come in I spotted him soon enough to guide him back out :)

  3. It is difficult to teach/tell the kids about the oil spill. The severity and extent is difficult to comprehend (even for an adult). The game is a good way to ease into the discussion.

    Oh, and thanks, I'll never be able to just say or thing asparagus again - now it will be to the tune of Aquarius!


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