Sunday, June 6, 2010

What a workout!

And it is so much fun! I forgot how much I love tennis! I avoid the game because I have weak ankles from an incident when I was in 6th grade, severe sprains to both ankles, but Matt encouraged me to try again and I am hooked! And I will admit it is strengthening my ankles. Oh, I should also admit to the hard fall I took this week playing....I am not very graceful, came down like a pile of bricks...I know the large group of Eastern Indian men found it very amusing while they played cricket next to us...but nothing seems to be broken :)

We have a new ritual of going to the local park just before sunset when it starts to cool off. We play tennis with the kids, who also love it, and then they go on the playground right next to the courts and Matt and I play until sweaty exhaustion, which comes much quicker for me than him :) Did I mention he pedals 30 miles round trip to work 5 days a week?

Afterwards at dusk, we walk the mile long trail in the woods at the park, which makes the woods spooky and pretty dark! On the 1st night the boys were kind of scared, but then they thought it was cool! We decided to make it a barefoot walk too! Three of my favorite things; being with my family, barefoot and under the trees!

I hope to keep this up because the sweating is great to rid my body of toxins, and maybe I will finally loose the last few pregnancy pounds and tone up my body! I usually do not have self image issues, but lately I have been kinda bummed, especially when I see how flabby my upper arms have become :( Dude, when did I get so old and out of shape?

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