Saturday, June 19, 2010

New fun activity with my kids!

Please tell me you remember this show! Well today something made me think about it so I had to youtube it and show a few clips to my kids. And then my 6 yo son says, "oh, is that what Wipeout was like in the olden days!?" Very funny kid.

Well, this turned into hours of fun in our back yard creating obstacle courses! My kids were pretty creative setting them up, and my husband and I both did all of the courses :) They did not want to stop and talked about it while I tucked them in.

I forgot how much fun I had doing this as a kid! My brother and I would run the courses and time each, we spent hours making them. When he was busy I would make courses for my collie to do!

I do not have any photos because this was just one of those times where I had to leave the camera in the house. I have been making an effort to really live in the moment with my kids and not view it through a lens.

But I think Max used the Flip to tape his Dad and I doing the course, I will post that later...

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