Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wash Wednesday

I didn't get to hang the laundry out this week as we had thunderstorms on and off, but I am not complaining because I love thunderstorms! I love the sound of the rolling thunder and the magical light display on the sky. The boys and I sat on the front porch and watched a few storms roll in and then splashed in the puddles afterwards. I even let the boys dance in the downpours and I joined in too :) It was quite refreshing with this early summer like humid heatwave we have been having.

So I took this photo this morning of the swimming trunks hanging to dry after they played in the kiddie pool all day yesterday. And there are a few pair of Sam's shorts as he could not help himself from getting in the pool after he changed out of his trunks. Oh, and my Boba carrier needed wiped down so it is drying too :)

Inspired by Garden Mama's Wash Wednesday's.


  1. cute photo, all those wonderful prints x

  2. I love hang drying my laundry, I'm always snapping pics of sheets blowing in the wind.

  3. thanks! I love hanging too, my sheets however got rewashed in a sudden downpour this week :)

  4. Love all the prints! I was hoping to get my laundry out today, but we have rain. Can;t complain we really need it.

  5. Thank you for sharing this contribution for wash wednesday! I love that your photo speaks so clearly of this season, beautiful!


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