Wednesday, June 9, 2010

more hula and good times with my dear friend...

Yesterday, my three boys and I went to the Three Rivers Art's Festival with my closest mommy friend Neyat and her three beautiful little ones. We are quite a group when we go out in public together, I wish I had a photo of us both wearing babies, both pushing a BOB jogger with a middle kid in it and both with an older child tagging along. :)

I was super excited to see there was a hooping demonstration and they invited everyone to join in! I hooped for a few minutes while the baby snoozed in the stroller, but then he wanted back in the sling. My friends beautiful little girl was so determined to learn to hoop! This was the 1st time she ever tried and after quite a few attempts and our encouragement she got it! Her mommy also tried hooping for her 1st time and began to catch on too! It was so much fun to see a large diverse group of people hooping together in the field! They invited us to their hooping group that they hold once a week, and I think I may join in soon!

Max was just amazing and everyone was so impressed with how well he was doing, especially with the really big hoops!

We had such a fun day running around, getting some tasty treats, making crafts from "trash" and just relaxing in the shade of the trees. And amusingly enough we did not even get over to see the actual art! The craft booths were in another area, and my friend and I were not too crazy about the idea of taking the kids through it.

I was having such fun that that I did not notice that my camera was totally on the wrong setting and almost all my photos came out overexposed. :( I had some really cute shots of the kids dancing to the live music...oh well.


  1. Wow, I love these photos. You have certainly captured fun in the moment.

  2. thank you! we had a lot of fun! hula hooping took me back a few decades to choreographing dance routines to madonna and cindi lauper :)


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