Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Final Homecoming...

Today I took part in the final homecoming of a fallen soldier. Robert Fike was killed 10 days ago in Afghanistan by a suicide bomber and today our small community came together and lined the streets, flags in hand, to welcome him home.

Although I did not know this man, or his family, I still wanted to show my respects and give my thanks. Robert had a 12 year old daughter, I am sure this Father's Day will forever be etched into her memory. I wanted her to see the support and love as she rode in the line of cars.

I took this photo from where I stood up on the hill...and I must say being a "photographer" at such an emotional time was not easy. I only took one photo, out of respect for the men and woman surrounding me, who stood crying. And although I did not know him, I could not hold back my tears.

Today I'd like to remember those Father's who are serving our country and remember their children and wives who await their safe return.

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  1. What a touching post and an important reminder. Thank you.


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