Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away...

...I don't want to shop vac the basement anymore!!

Whata day whata day..

Got to visit my niece and her husband in their new home day but an hour away on the other side of the city. On the way home we sat in traffic for two hours with a grumpy and whiny four yo...and a very upset 11 week old. I pulled over and calmed him down three times because I can not bear to hear him cry...some days I wish he took a binky.

Went to Whole Foods on the way home to meet my husband before he went in to work, I was two hours late so we spent 20 minutes trying to find him in the busy store...rushed to get the kids something to eat and two cases of mango's and six, yes six bunches of banana's that the husband can't put on his bicycle for his 15 mile commute home...nursed the baby outside at the tables while the kids ate their california rolls and loaded an angry baby and whiny four yo back in the car for another half hour drive home....some days I wish I'd remember to feed myself. Forgot to get myself anything and I was so hungry...

Got home to find a flooded basement, again. Please stop raining. Another joy of home ownership of a 106 yo house...good thing I just purged the junk and cleaned down there, not much damage...but baby was still angry so he rode on my back in the wrap while I sucked up water for an hour and a half...some days I wish I drank.

(I should say Silas had painful gas all day, I wish I'd think twice before eating Indian...)

Most of all, even though the day was not horrible, I wish I could just remember to stop and breathe!! Deep cleansing breaths make everything better. It wasn't until right before bedtime, while watching my Max and Sam make baby Silas giggle and coo non-stop, that I remembered to smile and breathe.

I need something like this or maybe this to remind me...or maybe like Mylie or Lohan I can get it tattooed on me...damn them, they ruined that idea for me.

Seriously though, it is amazing how I can go all day and realize I have been shallow breathing all day....and how awesome it feels to take a few cleansing breaths...
go ahead, try it, in..1...2...3....and out...1....2...3....feels good, doesn't it?

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