Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

Today, I am thankful for...

~sunset walks with my family. We take them almost daily.

~lunch dates with dear old friends.

~finally getting our organic CSA farm share box every week.

~wild edibles! We have been enjoying mulberries and tart cherries this week! (we made cherry juice, yum!) Nature provides us with so many free and wild treats! I can not wait until the wild berries are ready!

~my home. Although we have many regrets about buying it, and are ready to sell it, I have made this house a home and will kinda miss it.

~our local library.

And lastly, I am ever grateful for this man, he seems to make appearances on almost all my Thankful Thursdays :) He is just that great.


  1. I LOVE that first image - the light is so beautiful!

    Great post.


  2. Beautiful. I share many of your gratitudes.

  3. you've got a great list there!mulberries, lunch dates, sunset walks, a CSA much good stuff!

  4. I am blessed.

    My fave time to get photos is as the sun is setting :)


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