Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wash Wednesday....

...really it was just a 'wash out'...I had planned to hang a load of cloth diapers, my drapes and tablecloths today but the weather had other ideas in mind :( I got one set of the drapes out and the dark clouds rolled in, and they got washed again :)

I really do not mind a rainy day, my garden will enjoy it and I will enjoy seeing the garden thrive from it. I needed a gray and rainy day like today to catch up on business emails, some cleaning and some quiet time with my boys. If they manage to get through some quiet indoors time, I promised we will watch a movie later. They already got to splash in the puddles outside, which they rather enjoyed, and I think the water company draining a fire hydrant made that much more fun! They are getting so used to be playing outdoors almost all day, here and at the park with friends, that we can all use a low key day at home.

oh my...sigh...right now they are yelling at each other about which movie they will watch later... I think they missed the point.

On an exciting note, I will continue wash Wednesdays because Gardenmama is continuing on :) Hopefully next week I will have a more creative photo filled with sunshine!


  1. I love the contrast of the bright red ball with your soaking drapes...hope sunshine comes your way tomorrow. For today, enjoy the rain!

  2. Your photo evokes a lovely feeling!
    Sometimes I like when my towels are 're-washed' by the rain : )


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