Friday, June 18, 2010

Cartwheels! In the store?

Ok, I was that kid, the one doing cartwheels down the isles of the department or grocery store. My mom was the mother who yelled at me to "stop it! Your going to hurt someone!"

So today, my boys were attempting cartwheels down the isles, just as I was about to correct them...ok, I was gonna freaking yell, I was out of patience at this point, the end of the shopping trip to 3 elderly man came up the isle chuckling, "Ahh to have that energy again! I think kids should be kids and think it is wonderful you did not yell at those fine boys!" I had to stop and smile, and remember the joy of doing cartwheels anywhere, anytime. I was a bit obsessed with them when I finally perfected them :)

Granted I don't want to pick up a knocked down display or pay for damaged merchandise or apologixe profusely to someone they may kick...but none of this happened. And yes, it could happen, easily, but the place was Big Lots, and it was almost empty of customers....and sometimes I just have to let it go! I can;t be the mom who yells about everything, yet I find myself doing that some days...


  1. I LOVE this post! My daughter will cartwheel anywhere - anytime! My first thought was to stop her - but why??? As long as she isn't going to kick anyone in the face, its great.

  2. Exactly! As long as others are not in the way, it's all good :)


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