Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Digital Detox Fail :)

Ok, 48 hrs into my Detox I caved. First I "HAD" to download pictures of my friends kids from my camera, and then I "HAD" to share them on flickr so my friend could see them, then I "HAD" to check my messages to arrange a location to do my nephews engagement pictures. So yes, yet another epic fail of fasting from the internet.

However, I only got on the computer when my kids were in bed. I did not read facebook updates and I am letting all my favorite blogs go unread. My children are the main reason I wanted to cut back on my computer time. No more, "I will get your juice in a second..." or "Shhh, tell me about your dream after I read this..." or "We are going to the park, give Mommy 2 more minutes..."

It is because of them, my adorable children that are growing right before my eyes....or not if my eyes are fixated on this screen for too many hours of the day. My breaking point for wanting to take a screen break was when I found myself NAK'ing...Nursing at Keyboard... :) A friend told me that one. It's not a horrible thing, but I love breastfeeding and I love to cherish those moments making eye contact and listening to the sweet noises my Silas makes as he nourishes himself. So I can not justify feeding him while I catch up on blogs or facebook status updates...

So while I can not break away from my computer entirely, I will continue to only be on here when all three of my sweet babies are fast asleep. I will no longer have them contend with my computer....

And now, I am off to sort through the boys toys and then to bed, I am still TV free :)

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  1. hehe nak'ing :) i did that! LOL and I find I still have a habit of doing it even bottle feeding. But I agree... its nice to cherish the moments but also at 2am im so sleepy that im scared ill fall asleep feeding him if I dont look at something and I find reading a blog can help me stay up during that 2am feeding. I guess missing 1 feeding that way is ok :)


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