Sunday, April 18, 2010

One Month Old!

Time is slipping by just too fast, this precious little being will be in our lives One Month come this Tuesday...

He is getting better with eye contact..I love when we just sit in the quiet and gaze into each others eyes...I melt when I am nursing him and he stares so deeply into my eyes.

Have I mentioned how much I love breastfeeding? :)

Although I was sensitive the first couple of weeks and it was a bit painful, it is not nearly as painful now. With the exception of when my milk 'lets down'. It is more uncomfortable than I remember with my other two babies, but it is not that bad, just a strong pinching feeling.

I really try to make nursing time our special time of sitting in a comfy chair in the quiet, I want to savor these moments. Of course there are times where he gets fed on the go, literally, like when I am walking I nurse him in the wrap or sling. This is how he ate on our trip to the zoo the other day and a couple of days ago when he was having a restless afternoon and wanted to nurse all day. I went into supermom multi-task mode and he nursed in the wrap while I did dishes and got dinner ready :)

He spends so much of the day close to me in his sling or wrap and I cherish this time. He will only be this tiny for a short amount of time and as he gets bigger he will be in the sling less and less. I have BIG babies who tend to get heavy, FAST :) But when he is bigger I can;t wait to wear him in our Boba Carrier!

I also love having him snuggle right next to me each night. Smelling his sweet little head, feeling his tiny warm body next to mine. Co-sleeping is a beautiful thing :) I love the convenience of just rolling over and nursing him. Co-sleeping is not for everyone, but personally, my heart aches at the thought of putting him in a crib all alone, let alone a bedroom all alone. Granted some babies prefer to sleep alone, but mine never did.

I love that my husband loves co-sleeping as much as I do, however he works night shifts and is not there all night. But when he comes home in the morning he gets in bed to snuggle with us and there are times during the day, when he is sleeping, I will tuck the baby in next to him while he naps.

We co-slept with our other boys, Max until he was almost 4 and Sam until he was 2.5 and then he shared a bed with Max in his room. Although for one year, all four of us shared a bed when we remodeled our home and bedroom. We had two mattresses on the floor in the boys bedroom :)

We also finally got into the cloth diaper stash! My Mom-in-law had bought us a few package of 7th Generation Newborn diapers that I wanted to use before he outgrew, and he was just too small for most of the cloth we bought. I did buy a few newborn size cloth from Etsy, but after one week he was already too big for them!

I have a lot of cloth diapers, most are still a bit big and bulky on him, especially the AIO one size fits all type. But I have some small Gdiapers that fit him perfectly! They are so cute and so far no leaks! I am using the washable inserts vs. the flushable/disposable/compostable ones. And I have 6 in size Medium that he will be wearing very soon! This chubby guy has already gained 3.5 ponds in almost a month! He never lost any weight like most newborns do.

I also love hanging them on the line to dry :) It has encouraged me to hang all of our clothes out to dry!

Which reminds me! Tomorrow is National Hanging out Day! Hang your clothes out to dry tomorrow and every laundry day!

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  1. Just wanted to say I love your photo of you feeding your son, what a fantastic shot! I wish I had one of them done with my little sweetpeas - what treasured memories :-)


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