Sunday, April 18, 2010

A walk into the woods....

This by far is my favorite past time. Being a tree-hugger at heart, spending a day in the forest with my family is just a perfect day.

I meant to post this last week after our adventure at one of our favorite trails in the woods of an old growth forest but I forgot to. Around western PA, old growth trees are hard to come by, because in the early 1900's they were all cut down. However Bushy Run was preserved because it was a battlefield where the British fought the Native Americans in 1763. So although I love this place, I can't help to think about the violent deaths that took place here...

I am a firm believer in letting children explore, and this is just what my boys do when we are here. We let them navigate us through the many trails and let them climb trees, cross logs and get dirty :)
(sam loves spring beauties)

My husband and I also enjoyed searching for wild edibles, AKA as weeds to most people :)
We picked wild leeks, spring beauties and wild violets to add to our pasta salad picnic lunch!

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