Friday, April 9, 2010


I took a few photos of my boys today, it involved some bribery and chocolate!

Sammy and Silas

Max and sweet Silas

And a self portrait of me and my little peanut.

I can not believe he is 15 days old already! The days are just flying by, but I am treasuring every moment with my little baby. He is almost always being worn in the sling, in my arms or lying in my lap or napping on Daddies chest. He eats often and is really gaining weight! He grew a 2nd chin this week! I chose to not go to our 2 week appointment with our pediatrician to find out his weight, mostly because I know he is thriving and doing well! But I am going to weigh him on my mailing scale later just so I know what he weighs :)

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  1. hehe, so sweet! we skipped our last dr apt 2... but i might take him for his month check up just to check things, but im hesitant because they will be pushing vaccinations at that one and i dont intend on getting any til hes close to 2.


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