Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In Baby Bliss

I did a mini photo session with my sweet Silas yesterday!

Although he slept well, it was not all that easy because I am still not at my regular energy level. He pooped and peed on most of my blankets too :) But I am sure there are many many more photo sessions to come with him! Hoping to get some with his brothers very soon.

Today I am venturing out of the house with my three boys, solo. My older guys have gymnastics and they missed the last 3 sessions, so we are going today. My husband has a long dentist appointment so he can not join us! I will take a wrap or a sling, which Silas loves to be in, and we may be really brave and go to our food co-op for lunch. Friday we are taking Silas to his 1st playgroup playdate at the park! The weather is going to be gorgeous this week!

Everything has been going great in our 1st week as parents to three. He sleeps so well and when he is not sleeping he is calmly awake taking it all in. I love to just hold and stare at his sweet face all day long. He smiles so much in his sleep too.

Breastfeeding is going really well. I plan to post on this later, discussing the pain I have gone through, pain I don;t remember so much with my other boys, and my annoying quest for the perfect nursing bras and tops.

I have sooo much milk though I feel like I am overfeeding the poor guy! He poops and pees all day long! He has already grown a double chin :) I am uncomfortably engorged as I type and regretting not buying up a pump...so off to take a warm shower and looking forward to getting out in the sunshine!

And for those that like birth stories, I am almost done with his, will probably post tomorrow! I have been really limiting my time here on the computer, as I do not want to spare any precious moments I could be spending gazing at my sweet baby....oh, and those other kids too :P

Wishing you all a beautiful day!

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  1. Thats so awesome you have lots of milk.. I now know I didnt... Owen was only having 1-2 really wet diapers a day... and very small amts.. :( maybe 1 poopie a day, small ones.

    I think maybe ur discomfort this time is prob brought on by having two extra boys to tend 2 :) PLUS the recovery from a hard labor. I know for me that contributed to my discomforts.

    Silas is so stinkin cute!!!


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