Saturday, March 27, 2010

Life is Good :)

I am still working on reliving the epic birth story of Mr. Silas Avery:)

We decided on a middle name, Matt picked that too :)

But in the meantime I am trying to be good and take it easy. I am not so good at the resting, I should know by baby #3 how important resting is... I am still sore and quite crampy but in complete baby bliss.

We have had MANY visitors and repeat visitors in the last few days. All were more than welcome to come meet Silas, as I know they were quite anxious too, but it did leave me a bit exhausted.

But I am thankful they all came and more than grateful for all the gorgeous flowers and gifts and treats they brought!

And resting is a bit harder when your husband, who meant well by taking the kids to the skate park to give me a rest, sprained his ankle and had to go to the ER last night...oy vey, were both laid up now :)

Silas had a pediatrician appointment yesterday. I dreaded taking my 2.5 day old baby out into the world to be stripped and examined on a cold table, but we did well. He only lost 1 oz from birth and everything else is fine. He lost his umbilicle cord stump already at the Dr. office. She cleaned it up and said it is fine, my other boys had theirs over a week though. But I am glad to not have to mess with it.

He is nursing like a champ and my milk (and my porn sized boobs:) came in. I am a bit uncomfortably engorged, but it is getting better with frequent feedings, warm showers and cabbage leaves. It is quite painful when he latches still, but I am toughening up.

His eyes are a bit jaundice, like my other babies, but nothing a little nursing in the sun by the window will not cure.

Not long ago Matt and I were just gazing at him in baby bliss and he made the biggest smile ever, I was so happy we both caught that moment....and then a moment later he peed and projectile pooped on me :)

Not crazy about this pic Max took, but it shows how exhausted I am :)

And proud Daddy resting his ankle.

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