Thursday, March 18, 2010

Playgroup Fun in the Sun!

I just cannot get over how beautiful the weather has been! Yesterday I met up with my Mommy group, the three best woman and Mommies in my life and combined we have eight awesome kids...make that almost 9 :) Ages 1 month to 6.5, all boys and one gorgeous girly girl to keep them all in check! Well, now 2 girls, but she is the infant....hopefully it will soon be 3 girls :)

Our Lil Rascals :)

We hung out at the park for three hours! It was too nice to go home and the kids were having so much fun and getting some much needed sun and Vitamin D :)
They seemed to reach a point of getting so loud I almost found myself hushing them....then I realized we were outside and this is what they were supposed to be doing, being kids and just going wild :)

My super fabulous husband rode his bike to the park to meet up with us and then took the six older kids on two different long hikes down onto the park trails into the woods while us Mommies got to sit and chat it up.

He showed them onion grass, ant hills, groundhog holes and buds emerging from the wild berry bushes. We are nature lovers and Matt really enjoys sharing this with kids. I want to go on and on about how amazingly grateful I am for my husband, but I have decided to make a separate post for him in the near future. :) He deserves one of his very own!

My boys

One of my favorite pics of him, I really need to take more :)

I would have loved to join them on their hike, but baby was dropping yesterday and I was feeling a lot of pressure and pain.

Me and my friends baby Milo, he fit perfectly on my belly :)

I also got a few shots of his 1st ride on the swings :)

It is just amazing at how sunshine and warmth can really lift your spirits, to clear the gray moodiness of winter, to clear your head and make everyone smile. I am grateful for this weather, grateful for good friends. And grateful this pregnancy is coming to an end :) I am so ready and so anxious to meet this little one! Now if only we had a name(s) for him/her! Thankfully the midwife center I will be delivering in allows you to leave w/o naming baby...well they give you a few days :)

Here is one of my last belly pics! I am headed to an appointment with my midwife, I am hoping this is the last until she is actually catching this baby!

Planning to go to the park again today with the boys. We're going to stop at the food co-op and grab lunch to have a picnic in the park on another gorgeous day!

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