Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring is in the air! It's a good week to have a baby! :)

I was so super geeked to see the forecast! Here in Pittsburgh, and like many other places this year, we had a long, cold and snowy winter and I am quite pleased to bid it farewell!

However, in Pittsburgh it normally does not jump right into warmth and sunshine, we have weeks and months of gray and wet weather. The sun disappears for long days at a time and you just have to keep telling yourself "April showers bring May flowers..."

But it is still warm enough to do some puddle jumping! I have no problem letting my guys get dirty :)

puddle jumpin' joy
(This is last year of my son (the blonde) and the lil guy I used to watch)

But we are going to have a few gorgeous days before the rain returns to nourish the earth and get those buds blooming. My husband and I plan to take the kids to the park today (a joy of homeschooling and a dh that works nightshift :) and I plan to walk as much as my body will let me and maybe get this labor ball rolling! I'd love to bring a new baby home while the sun is shining! However, I am hoping to not have a baby tomorrow, not keen on having a St. Patty's Day baby, maybe if I were Irish....I am quite an ethnic mutt, but no Irish in my blood, well not that I know of :)

Yesterday I attempted to relieve my hip and lower back pains and maybe get baby moving :) I have been slacking in my prenatal yoga, but still pleased I could pull off downward dog and it felt great!

Downward Dog ....ahhh, sweet relief for my hips and back...(39 weeks/9 months)

And this is my big guy Sam, who just turned 4, he cannot walk past me without touching, hugging or kissing The Belly, he is going to really miss it, I hope he likes the new baby just as much :)

Sammy and the belly :)  (39 weeks)

And until baby comes I am 'trying' to be patient and at peace with the fact that he or she will come when they are good and ready. Keyword there is trying, because if you ask my sweet husband, who waits on me hand and foot and massages my feet and back daily and tucks me in at 7 pm, I have become quite the whiner this last week.
I try to do a daily meditation of sorts where I talk to the baby....talk him or her into joining us out here :)

At peace knowing that soon, very soon this baby will be here... (39 weeks)

Oh, to add, I am so not into seeing myself in pictures, as a photographer I'd much rather be on the other side of the camera. But regretfully with my 1st 2 pregnancies I only have a couple from each where I look large and miserable, so with this pregnancy, which may very well be my last, I really tried to document it a bit better with a self portrait series. Let me tell you how at 9 and 3/4 months this is not easy without a remote! I use the 10 second timer...I am sure this would be amusing for anyone to watch...

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  1. i love all ur self portraits.. u def wont regret taking them. i wish i had more with my 1st two as well :(
    its chilly here today in nc and dreary, ready for the sunshine again!



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