Sunday, March 21, 2010


So apparantly my baby has not seen this... :)

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Today is my "estimated" due date. I understand it is just an estimation and some babies stay put for close to 42 weeks, but it is hard to have a date set in your mind for NINE long months to only go to bed feeling overly anxious and a bit disappointed that baby is not quite ready yet.

My midwife told me the 3rd baby is a wild card, to not assume baby will come as scheduled or that baby will just shoot right out :) My sister told me yesterday her 3rd baby was 17 days late!

I am trying to be patient. I am trying to enjoy these last few days of pregnancy, as this will most likely be my last. But I am so anxious to meet this baby and bring him or her into the world! I am overly anticipating the moment my husband announces whether it is a boy or a girl!

I think maybe baby Miller X knows we have yet to choose a name. I have been making lists, my husband and I toss ideas around daily, but we have yet to settle on a few concrete names for a boy or a girl!

This morning, my sweet 4 yo Sammy came to cuddle with me when he woke up. He can be a bit feisty at times and an obsessive booger picker, but he still loves to cuddle with me and he LOVES my belly. He tells me more than a few times a day I am "beautiful" and the "bestest girl ever", he melts my heart. This morning he asked when this baby was coming, and that he did not want the baby to come yet b/c he loved my big beautiful belly. :)

Sammy and the belly :)  (39 weeks)

Today my super wonderful mother in law, (yes, I love her and we get along better than my own mother and I) is taking my boys for the afternoon and my husband and I are having a lunch date. I always envy the couples I know that have regular dates with their husbands. My man and I RARELY get away sans kids. We really enjoy being around them, go figure :) and when they are gone, we feel lost without them.

I do think it is important that we make a better effort to get out together alone, so when he came in from work at 6am and woke me with a kiss and his idea of a lunch date, I was so excited. Just hoping if baby does decide to come today, (s)he lets me have my dessert first! And although your supposed to not talk about kids on your date, we may have to settle on some names over our meal!

I feel like baby has dropped, thinking that might have to do with all the walking I have been doing. (S)he is no longer restricting my breathing. And as anxious as I am to have another drug free birth, I do hold a small amount of fear. This could be due to the fact that I watched Sammy's birth video a few weeks ago. Bad idea, I much prefer the memories I had of it being "easy" and "fast"....haha, the memory is a bit different that the reality of the video!

And although my midwives are not likely to have me admitted to induce labor in any way, I like to remind myself with articles like this one, that baby will come when baby is ready and I do not need to be induced in any way. Although if I do not deliver by weeks end, I will be trying all the old skool methods that may or may not work :)

Here is the link to my self portrait pregnancy series. I need to do one more silhouette for 40 weeks so I can create some type of story board...

Happy Sunday to everyone! I hope the weather is as gorgeous where you are, as it will be today here in Pittsburgh!

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