Monday, May 17, 2010

lovely weekend...

(I am so thankful I asked my niece to take a photo of me and my boys! I do not have enough of them! And I am super excited to be meeting another local photographer for a family session swap very soon! We have NEVER had a family session!!)

The weather this weekend was beautiful!

Friday I met my sister at the park so she could watch my older two boys so I could run to Target for a shower gift. I was so thankful, it made my shopping trip, with a sleeping Silas, so much easier! Then we met at Panera for lunch with all the boys. They were so well behaved! Well almost, Sam was better than usual :)

After lunch the boys and I went to the grocery store for THE BEST non-diary "ice cream"! and cones! This stuff is amazingly creamy and delicious!!

We came home and made ice cream cones and ate them on a blanket in the backyard. The boys took turns holding the baby and we all giggled as he smiled so big and 'talked' to them. Than a thunderstorm chased us to the porch. We sat and enjoyed watching the rain pour down and listened to the rolling thunder. The boys enjoyed dancing and running in the downpour.

The sun came back out as fast as it had left and we went for a long walk. We all went barefoot and the boys jumped in the 'river' flowing along the street curb.

Saturday I started my day with hanging the cloth diapers to dry...

I LOVE hanging clothes to dry!

After that I went on a power walk and some one on one time with my oldest son Max. Silas came but he was fast asleep in the stroller. Max hitched a ride on the front of the BOB most of my power walk, but we had some great conversation as we walked a few miles down the hill and across the bridge to the store for wrapping paper :) Pushing a 60 lb six year old and a 15 lb eight week old makes for an awesome workout! Especially coming back up the hill!

We went to the Farmer's Market for more plants and then got ready to head to my nephew's fiance's bridal shower...which we were an hour late for! If you know me you know I am NEVER late for anything! Never. Seriously, even with three kids, I am always on time, so I can blame my sister for telling me the wrong time, and then blame myself for tossing the invite :) I was kind of thankful though as I had to take all 3 boys and 3 hours in a room full of woman may have been too much for them! I am going to be the wedding photog and I managed to not take any pictures at her shower! OOPS!!

After the shower we went with my sister, niece and my other nephews wife (who is due in July with my great nephew!) to a local pond with a walking trail. The boys had a great time running around, watching the fisherman, tossing rocks and watching baby geese with their hissing parents. Then it was off for more ice cream, real ice cream this time. Once in a while I let the boys indulge, me too :) At home we are 95% vegan :P On occasion we have eggs and sometimes out of the house they have dairy.

(My sister and niece Afton)

(Sister and preggo niece-in-law Seka, and a very chubby sleeping Silas!)

Saturday ended with a sunset walk around town. I am a big walker, we seriously walk at least once a day and usually 2-3 times a day!!

Sunday was a quiet day spent at home. I met my cousin for more power walking in the early afternoon and then we cleaned up around the outside of the house. We all marveled at our growing gardens and got super excited to see all the strawberries growing! The boys had a kickball game with all the neighbor kidss and we wrapped up the evening with a family bike ride just before sunset. Then we watched a movie together (Castle in the sky, made by the same people who made one of our fave movies, My Neighbor Totoro!)

Max on the tag-a-long hitchhiker

Matt discovered slugs were eating these this morning! I heard beer in a jar lid keeps them away...we don't drink beer...


  1. What a beautiful picture of you and your boys! I came over from Garden Mama's wash wednesday post. We are big fans of So Delicious too!


  2. Thank you! I love your blog! :)
    What part of PA are you in? We live near Pittsburgh.


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