Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Two Months! Seriously!?

My sweet baby boy Silas Avery is two months old today! Counting weeks, not going by the date :) He weighs 14lb and 12 oz! (Thanks to my trusty digital mailing scale I weigh him often :) I wonder, (mostly because of reactions from family, like my mom, saying he is obese) if a baby can be too fat? My thoughts, no. He is just thriving on my breast milk. Must be all the ice cream I have been eating :) I just happen to have chubby babies. Both my boys were very chubby and I was a very chubby baby too.

(pardon the photo quality, it is a picture from a picture in an album)

(This is me and my grandma Gertie :)

This is Sam at 9 weeks

Max at about 8 weeks

At two months Silas wakes up maybe once a night and sometimes he sleeps all night! We are co-sleeping so even when he does wake up, I don't mind, I just pull him closer and nurse him and we both fall right back to sleep. I have to say he is the best sleeper of my three boys. Sam was a horrible sleeper!! He did not sleep through the night until he was 2. I put Silas to bed at 9pm and he wakes at about 7am to eat and will fall back a sleep or just lay there 'talking' and smiling while I still rest.
Every morning the boys wake up and come into my bed to play and cuddle with him.

Silas is a very happy and content baby. He seriously never cries. He will fuss and complain when something is bugging him or he decides it is feeding time, but doesn't actually cry.

He LOVES to smile at all of us. It is so sweet how he interacts with me and his brothers and his Daddy. Coo'ing, Ahh'ing and getting all excited when we talk to him.

He has a super strong neck, I think there is a neck under those chins :) , and he holds his head up really well. He is way past the fragile newborn stage. He is a solid and strong guy! He doesn't mind tummy time and has already rolled to his back from his belly.

He still loves being worn in a sling, which makes me happy because I LOVE wearing him :)
I just can not believe this sweet baby has been in our lives for 56 days. Ok, when you put it in days it does not seem so long :)

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  1. wow 9-7, ur blessed lol.. not owen! caleb was my best sleeper and slept like that the 1st week!! he also was way chubbier.. i honestly think the chubbier the better the sleeper LOL, cause owens our skinniest and is the worst sleeper out of all 3. But thats ok:) i think by 6 months he will be doing well. Taite was 5 mo before he slept thru the night.

    And nope a baby cant be to chubby :) you just have nice fatty nutritious mama milk :)



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