Sunday, May 30, 2010

A sunset stroll in the city...

After a hot day hanging around the house, the kids playing in the little pool, husband and I doing yard work, we decided to head into the city after dinner. We live just 15 or so miles from downtown Pittsburgh (or dahn-tahn Picks-burgh if your a local Yinzer) and although we go into the city area often, we rarely go there just to walk around. Last night we decided to stroll along the river path on the North side of the city to watch the sunset.

I love that my husband loves to wear the baby. We argue over who gets to wear him. I love when he wears him and has such a proud papa look on his face. And how he grins from ear to ear when passer by's comment on how adorable the baby is.

This was Silas's first trip strolling around town.

I really love this city we live in!

Sammy was exhausted from swimming all day and fell asleep on the way there. He never woke up, even when we transferred him into the stroller. I love our BOB because he fits in there...almost. I must admit, with mom guilt, that our walk was more on the relaxing side with him napping. I'm sure our sunset stroll would have went a little different...keeping Sam away from the rivers edge, keeping Sam from chasing geese, keeping Sam from jumping in the fountain, stopping Sam from running a mile ahead, getting Sam out of someones docked boat...oh that kid....he keeps me on my toes, but I love him so...he would have been so grumpy though, being woken up and all...
I honestly missed the presence of his energy though!


  1. beautiful pics!!! i miss living that close to a big city. we bought a house an hour or so out of chicago. it's nice, but we seldom visit downtown anymore, which is sad.

  2. love all the pics!! you live in such a neat area!

  3. What lovely photos, how wonderful that your husband loves to wear your baby:)

  4. Thanks! I love Pittsburgh! We moved once to VA and I was terribly homesick so we moved back.

    Thanks Linda, I love that he is a baby wearing Daddy :)


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