Tuesday, June 15, 2010

52 weeks of me and my children #2

Me and Sammy Pickles. This moment means so much to me for a few reasons. First, my husband took it all on his own without me even asking or even knowing...capturing a real moment. A moment where my spirited, bull headed little guy was being sweet and tender.* Second, because Sam's hand is on my neck. Since he was a baby he has always put his soft chubby hands on the back of our necks...it is a comfort/security thing for him.
And also, it shows my new hair cut! I think I like it, it is just....new...and feels different.... But the 24/7 decade+ ponytail had to die. A big thanks to my sister who is a hair stylist!

Here is week #1

*A good friend of Matt's was riding his bike out of his job at our local food co-op and was assaulted by a group of 8 men and ended up in the hospital. He is in good condition, but he is one of the nicest and peaceful men I know, his personality is very much like my husbands. (my husband happens to commute home on his bike in the same neighborhood) When Sam heard us talking about the unfortunate incident, he said, Mommy, we haf to go to da hops-i-able to visit Ryan!" And kept asking how he was. It then reminded my Sam that yesterday, his cousins Daddy was life flighted to the hospital after he fell 30 feet from a roof. Thankfully he only suffered a shattered heel, he could have lost his life or ability to walk...
But it made Sammy want to talk about him too and ask how he was.

I keep trying to blog about my Sammy's spirited personality, I am not sure what to do with him some days...I don't know where the anger is coming from and our peaceful parenting and gentle discipline is failing us....I will blog on this later...It's not all the time, but lately like half of the day..the other half he can be his sweet self...


  1. I love this idea for a photo challenge, what a gorgeous photo!
    You made me smile when you wrote the 24/7 ponytail had to die hehe I understand the ponytail... sigh.

  2. Thank you! Oh the pony tail, it is my trademark. I seriously have been wearing it, oh...most of my life! I can't even blame motherhood, I just use it as my excuse. I mean there is nothing wrong with a pony tail, just not cool when I sport it EVERY SINGLE DAY! :)

  3. Im a ponytail person too! But in the summer it's two braids, or a bandana with two pigtails...I blame it on the humidity...and really frizzy curley hair. I don't like it in my face!

    I love this pic it is really sweet!



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