Tuesday, June 15, 2010

52 weeks of me and my children #2.5

So a few nights ago I spent 5 to 6 hours sorting through and transferring over 7,500 images to my external hard drive. It was a fun and emotional trip down memory lane, my how my babies have grown...

I came across this image I thought I lost and was so happy to find it :) It is four years ago, me and my Sammy and Max standing beside me ...

I created a huge folder to have prints made...pretty bad when I realized I had not added to the family albums in over two years!


  1. i think it is so funny that photographers are the worst at getting their own prints made. my husband is the same way. we have so many pictures that are sitting on cds and hard drives. one day we will get them printed :)

  2. oh I am horrible at it! I must catch up on the next 2 years! My family gets on me all the time for not sharing actual prints!

  3. What a great image! There's something that's very timeless about this photo - I love that.


  4. This is a beautiful photo.
    I don't own any albums yet ;(
    it's my to do list to print some photos from the last 6 years - approximately the time digitals ruled the world ;)

  5. Exactly! I got a digi w/ my 1st son 6yrs ago, and thats about when i started slacking on prints!

  6. I am just catching up on your project here. This picture is wonderful! Afterwards you are going to be able to put a whole book together on you in the thick of Motherhood.



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